Ventilation and heating control is easy with HVAC automation products from Regin AB!

Wide range of Climecon air distributors for supply and exhaust

Climecon hood range meets all the requirements of the most demanding professional kitchens.

We offer RUCK tube fans, duct fans, roof fans and exhaust fans.

We offer regulating dampers for regulating of constant and variable airflow in ventilation systems.

We have in our product range fire and smoke control dampers for circular and rectangular ducting.

Standard products are made of HOT-DIP GALVANIZED SHEET STEEL. We also make products of other materials, if necessary.

Products made of stainless or cold rolled galvanized sheet steel have better protection against corrosion and are more durable.

The noise-muffling cartridges have V-shaped ends in order to reduce the resistance of the noise muffler.

We produce cartridges with thickness of 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm.

KMSV Mürasummuti

The outer shell of the MLV roof duct is made of sheet steel covered with cold rolled galvanized steel.
The material of the inner shell is profiled sheet steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. Roof ducts are insulated with 50 mm or 100 mm wool.

We offer ETS Nord ventilation round ducting. Standard products are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel. On special order also of aluminium, aluzinc, stainless and acid-proof steel.

We offer a wide selection of ventilation filters: bag filters, panel filters and HEPA filters.

We offer various Paroc products for the insulation and Isidem Coolflex insulation material.


Now available globally most-used smoke detectors and many other products from the Swedish leading manufacturer Calectro AB.

Product selection

Our product range includes the following items:

  • Rectangular ducting
  • Silencers
  • Plenum boxes
  • Roof transitions

We also offer order-based services according to the wishes of customers.


In addition to our own products, we sell the following products:

  • Air distributors
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Fans
  • Regulating dampers
  • Fire and smoke dampers
  • Round ducting
  • Ventilation filters
  • Insulation materials
  • Central vacuum cleaners
  • Automation devices

New products are constantly added to our product range.

About the company

Metaline OÜ manufactures and distributes ventilation equipment both on the Estonian and Finnish market.

We have been manufacturing ventilation products since 2014. We offer our customers a reliable and professional service , with quality products and in time.

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