We offer a wide selection of ventilation filters: bag filters, panel filters and HEPA filters.

Bag filters are used in common ventilation and climate control devices and varnishing equipment as pre-filters.
We offer a wide range of sizes of bag filters of class G3/EU3-F9/EU9. Bag filters of class G3-G4
are used as main filters for filtration of larger dust particles or as pre-filters before filters of class F5-F9.

Panel filters are used in narrow surroundings where bag filters cannot be used. We offer a wide range of sizes of various types of panel filters of class G3/EU3-F7/EU7. Panel filters are made of synthetic fabric or glass fibre fabric in a hot-dip galvanized steel or plastic frame.

HEPA filters are used in medical, laboratory and industrial enterprises where the air must be as clean as possible. HEPA filters are developed for cleaning air of various polluting particles as bacteria, fungal spores, pollen, viruses, radioactive and other unwanted particles. Depending on the requirements, the filters are made with MDF, aluminum or stainless steel frames.